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What to bring in your carry-on?

How should I book my Disney Park schedule?


My self I tend to bring my laptop, iPhone, and iPad but, sometimes when the plane or bus doesn't have wifi I have to make do.  These are my recommendations for your carry on bag! :)


Book, everyone likes a good book just start reading!

Gum, I don't know about everyone else but gum helps me relax.  Plus if you start getting a headache from the pressure gum helps, a lot.

Magazine, I love a good book right next to the other reading addict but even I get sick of reading.  Look through a magazine to relax.

Puzzle Book, these are great to pass the time on a really long plane ride. 

Music, I love music it transports you (just like a book).

Movies, rent a movie or two they can be new or one you've seen 7 times.

Audio Books, these are great if your eyes start to hurt I wouldn't recommended getting more than one but that's up to you.  


Wonderful fun and Fashion

My favorite time to go is Halloween ​but the 4th of July has wonderful fireworks.  Christmas has a wonderful party and great fireworks.  The down side to all of these is that their packed, the 4th of July has the biggest crowd.  So, I would say Halloween even though it's not really a holiday.   :)


Quotes by visitors:​

"Mickey makes me happy." 


"Never say Orlando without saying Disney."


Well it does depend on what ages your kids are or if you have any.  You'll want to pick you parks in your order, it really doesn't matter you will go to all parks anyway.  If you have park-hopper option you don't have to worry about that. 


Which holiday do you think is the best time to visit Disney?