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The Blog is really for anyone that wants to give or receive fashion tips! Please email me if you would like to have your own tips on The Blog. This is an all honesty site so, all rightful credit will be given.

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I am a person who loves everything Disney! I have been to Walt Disney World more times than I can count and I have been on a Disney Cruise twice. It would be wonderful if anyone that loves Disney as much as I do, could help with my Disney page.  Go ahead leave a comment!

If you enter anything onto this website that you want credited add your name and/or your

Polyvore username. You never know who is on the website so please keep it PG.  I appreciate it!  Thank You! :)

The Polyvore is just for shout outs. Just send me a set to put for your picture and a description. If you also have a group that you want to shout out then you must send me all qualifications to get accepted into the group. Thanks! :)

Optional to add how many members are in the group! ;)

Hi, everyone this is the fashion website of ak10 on Polyvore!  My email is so please feel free to email me with questions, concerns, comments, and/or set ideas.  I hope you like my website!  

If you can dream it, you can do it.  -Walt disney
Wonderful fun and Fashion
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Send your own set style to me to have it featured in the Gallery

Note: Not all sets will be featured.  Right now only my sets

are up better sets by different members later.

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